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creative direction

Javier de la Blanca x Interview Germany


Photography:  Arne Grugel

Creative Direction: Javier de la Blanca

Styling: Javier de la Blanca, Bernardo Martins

Beauty: Jakob Luis Bach

Andres Gallardo 'Chess Game Collection'


Creative Direction: Javier de la Blanca and Jakob Luis Bach
Photographer: Matias Uris
Sfx Prosthetics: Jakob Luis Bach
Stylist: Javier de la Blanca

put yourself in my place

This is a series in which I project my character 'de la Blanca' on models, which through a work of interiorization try to put themselves in my place and enter into the world I created in my social networks: a world in which there is no fear in provoking the public. The models channel that mood in which all around is a simple stage and people on the street simple atrezzistas who sometimes even participate in your action. The basis of improvisation is crucial, since capturing with the camera the reaction of those around you increases the dose of reality in the spectator arriving at a moment in which he does not know how to distinguish a stage from a pedestrian street in the center of the capital

Nicolas and Jacobo Solís play the role of models, dressed in looks mixed from my wardrobe along with garments by Sucksexfully and Trunk project. This is a series of four situations (photographs and video-performance) in which while the models are captured in the actings mentioned above, I gradually appear in the image from afar wearing a dress that completely covers my face, as an anonymous presence without face or gender that is progressively approaching in the series of photos and in the last two images, I will end up interacting with the models. 


Jacobo and Nicolas are doing the laundry while Anonymous is leaving the metro and watching them from the distance

Jacobo and Nicolas are feeding pigeons and their vacuum cleaner while Anonymous is sitting behind them smoking a cigarette

Jacobo and Nicolas are cutting onions while Anonymous is checking Instagram updates

Jacobo and Nicolas are making out with Anonymous while a lady is sitting watching us

Creative direction + Concept + stylism: Javier de la Blanca

Photographer: Mark Yareham 

Models: Nicolas and Jacobo Solis 

Make up and hair: Jakob Luis Bach

Video: Josema Mateos

Assistants: Anna Pandozzi y Tania Perez

no one among the crowd

creative direction collaboration with Trunk Project and Sintezia

''To infiltrate the crowd as a being without face, gender or identity. Contrast with all those little gray ants of the big city that in many occasions wish to be invisible, barely differentiated from each other ''


meet me at 3rd dimension

collaboration with Filip Custic mirror masks x Absolut Manifesto 2018

''Mirror mask with my own face reflecting all my inside and outside pieces, creating a 3D dimmension where you can get lost''


collaboration with Maison Margiela and Trunk Project

''Recreating my own home section, where a Margiela bag is my pillow, any public space is my room and the duvet and mask are my basics wherever I go. Home is where my pillow is"


public shaving

street performance

"Is almost mandatory for many women, when summer comes the blades are advertised on televisions and magazines as a must have to carry in the bag.  In case any important date happens and you have to be perfect.
This performance ridicules the intmididad and necessity that is projected to the women to make that their hairs disappear, that always are perfect in public. Nothing more shocking than a genderless person dressed in pink (the social color of the feminine) shaving his armpits publicly in a square full of people''

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